Who We Are

Around The Corner Productions (ATCP) is a video production company located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. When asked to describe what Around The Corner Productions does, it's always hard to find the best way to answer, because we do so many different things. ATCP is a full-service video production company that manages and produces video projects from concept to completion, delivering the final product in many formats. If it has to do with audio or video, we've probably done it.

ATCP has produced marketing and sales videos, as well as informative and educational videos for trade show booths and the web. We produce long-format videos such as documentaries and television series, and we also produce TV commercials that air locally and regionally.  

We like to stay busy and enjoy the challenge of a new project.


What We Do

Since ancient times, people have gathered around a fire to tell stories. Some stories are true while others are fictional; some are informative, and others are just for fun. 

Video, whether it be on a TV, website, or even a phone, is the most engaging medium. We believe that video is the best way to tell a story.

At Around The Corner Productions, we consider ourselves to be storytellers. We hope that you will allow us to help tell your story.